With a sparse musical backdrop and a penchant for performing alone, Keihani delivers his honest songs with zero gimmicks or frills. He finds himself situated near the overlap between country, Americana and folk-rock (a la Ryan Adams), and focuses on continuing the rawness of each genre's legacy through his lyrics depicting depression, social expectations, crippling anxiety, isolation and the imagery of areas unbeknownst to him.

His self-financed debut album, Eastbound, was released in 2013 and was accompanied by a series of dates supporting Sturgill Simpson, Jamestown Revival and Jason Eady, to name a few. It peaked at #6 on Amazon's Americana charts.

In 2015, Keihani is scheduled to head into the studio to release his follow-up record with producer and engineer Daniel Mendez (Dashboard Confessional, Train, Noah Gundersen). The songs have been stripped down, lack self-aggrandizement and are without rich production elements. The product will be simple and haunting.